Revisions to National Operating Policy #28 – National Appeal Review Process  

October 25, 2022

On October 21, 2022, the National Executive Council approved revisions to NOP #28  Appendix 3 (PDH Audits) and Appendix 4 (BOC Exam). The grounds for appealing the decision of PDH auditors and BOC plagiarism committee members have been reduced. Practices are now in place that require a failing grade be determined by a majority vote of a panel of qualified persons and therefore subjecting the decision to further scrutiny is redundant. Appeals based on the grounds that a process error affected the outcome of these decisions will still be reviewed.     

For more details on the allowable grounds for appeal and the guiding principles behind them please refer to NOP #28 Appendix 3 (PDH Audits) and Appendix 4 (BOC Exam).  

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