CIPHI National Advocacy Campaign Launches!!! Help us spread the word.

August 22, 2023

The CIPHI National Campaign starts todays and will run until September 25, 2023, and we need your support!

The National campaign builds on our 2022 campaign and will consist of:

  • Digital displays on Bell Media (French/English)
  • Ads on Meta (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Posts on CIPHI’s social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In)

Regional branches have been encouraged to coordinate and run more targeted campaigns in their regions. Ways you can help with the campaign include:

  • Reshare posts on your social media accounts
  • Like social media post
  • Print materials and post them around your office and in public places
  • Let individuals you work with know about the campaign

The images are meant to evoke joy and warmth and get individuals to think about how we are involved behind the scenes. There is also a “ call for action” for the individual to view the website to learn more. 

Should you have any questions/feedback please reach out to

Meaghen Allen, BSc., BEH, MPH, CPHI (C)
Advocacy Director
Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors

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