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CIPHI Virtual National Education Series – October 26th session REGISTER NOW!

October 16, 2023

Register Now for the October 26th Virtual Education Session

DECOLONIZING HEALTHCARE: Promoting Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Indigenous Health” with Dr James Makokis

October 26th 12:00pm-1:15pm EST 

Available by LIVE session AND as a pre-recorded session for 30 days after the October 26th session to those registered by zoom link.

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In this transformative presentation, Dr. James Makokis illuminates the crucial importance of decolonizing healthcare and advocates for the adoption of culturally sensitive approaches to Indigenous health. Drawing upon his extensive experience as an Indigenous doctor, Dr. Makokis delves into the historical context of colonialism and its enduring impact on the healthcare system. With a deep reverence for Indigenous knowledge, traditions, and healing practices, he passionately emphasizes the need for healthcare professionals to recognize and honor the unique needs and perspectives of Indigenous communities.

Through captivating storytelling and real-life examples, Dr. Makokis guides participants on a journey of understanding, inviting them to critically examine the colonial barriers that exist within the healthcare system and actively work towards their dismantlement. He offers practical insights and strategies for cultivating equitable, inclusive, and effective healthcare practices that empower Indigenous individuals and communities to reclaim their health and well-being.

By the end of this thought-provoking presentation, participants will gain a heightened awareness of the profound impact of colonialism on Indigenous health, as well as a renewed commitment to fostering culturally sensitive approaches within their own healthcare practices. Dr. Makokis’ powerful message serves as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring attendees to play an active role in promoting health equity and justice for Indigenous populations.image.png

Dr. James Makokis is a pioneering Nehiyô (Neh-hee-yo) two-spirit physician hailing from the Onihcikiskapowinihk (Saddle Lake Cree Nation) in Treaty Number Six Territory. He maintains a Family Medicine practice in Kinokamasihk (Kih-no-kum-a-sick) Cree Nation in northeastern Alberta and runs a transgender health-focused practice in South Edmonton. Dr. Makokis was the inaugural Medical Director of Shkaabe Makwa (Shkaa-bay Muh-kwa) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto—the country’s first Indigenous health center committed to transforming Indigenous mental health systems nationwide.

In 2019, Dr. Makokis, alongside his husband Anthony Johnson, made history as the first Two-Spirit couple to be crowned champions of the Amazing Race Canada. As “Team Ahkameyimok” (Ah-ka-may-mook), which translates to “Never Give Up” in Cree, they became the first two-spirit, Indigenous, married couple in the world to win the competition. Dr. Makokis’ impact was further recognized in 2020 when The Medical Post named him one of the country’s 30 most influential physicians—a title he humbly suggests should be shared amongst others. As a regular guest and a respected voice in the media, Dr. Makokis uses his platforms to educate people about Treaty issues and advocate for the revitalization of the Nehiyô medical system. His overarching vision is for a united Turtle Island, in peace and friendship. 

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