COVID-19 Info Centre

Environmental public health professionals are integral to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic through a range of activities including:


  • Enforcing public health acts and other regulations
  • Enforcing public health orders, such as isolation and physical distancing
  • Conducting consultations and inspections focused on COVID-19 mitigation requirements for workplaces and public spaces
  • Upholding sanitization and disinfection standards in workplaces and public spaces across Canada
  • Reviewing COVID-19 response plans within facilities to ensure mitigation measures are in place
  • Supporting partners in public health to continue to manage the COVID-19 response

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Printable resources

Global, national, and provincial level resources

Global resources

COVID-19 case tracker
Johns Hopkins University

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic
World Health Organization

National resources

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Awareness resources
Public Health Agency of Canada

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Indigenous communities
Public Health Agency of Canada

Provincial resources

Raising Awareness

We want to acknowledge and thank environmental public health professionals for your service during this pandemic.
We’re looking to showcase the work that you are doing, through pictures, video, and your stories. We also encourage you to share best practices for sanitization and disinfection information within the communities that you serve. Click here to submit a photo or video and to see guidelines on what photos and videos are needed for the campaign. Should you encounter media inquiries, please direct them to CIPHI leadership at