Who We Are

The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) is a national professional association that works to protect the health of all Canadians by providing certification, education, and ongoing professional competencies to environmental public health professionals (EPHPs), also known as public health inspectors (PHIs) and environmental health officers (EHOs). The EPHPs we represent play a vital role in keeping our water, food, land, air, and facilities safe.

Our vision

Personal growth…

professional success

Our mission

  • To represent and unite environmental public health professionals across Canada
  • To advance the profession and field of environmental public health through certification, advocacy, education, and professional competencies
  • To protect the health of all Canadians

Our branches

Each of CIPHI’s nine provincial and territorial branches represents the interests of environmental public health professionals in their respective regions across Canada.

Professional development

We provide our members ongoing opportunities for professional development. We also work closely with the international environmental health community to support knowledge building and sharing.


The CIPHI Board of Certification (BoC) regulates and provides certification to EPHPs, ensuring that every certified member meets the highest standards for entry into the profession.


As part of our work to protect the health of all Canadians while promoting the science of environmental health and the profession, CIPHI reviews and acts on specific issues relating to public health and safety.

Allied organizations

CIPHI is a proud member of the International Federation of Environmental Health, in alignment with environmental public health organizations across the world.

We are also affiliated with the Canadian Public Health Association.