Foreign-trained EPHP

If you trained and worked as an environmental public health professional, such as an environmental health officer or certified public health inspector (EHO/PHI), in a country outside of Canada, there are a few conditions you must meet to obtain a  Certificate in Public Health Inspection (Canada):


  • Apply for and meet the eligibility criteria of the BoC equivalency examination.
  • Pass the equivalency examination (minimum passing grade: 75%).
  • Be a student CIPHI member.
  • Successfully complete an approved practicum.
  • Pass the Certification Exam.

The equivalency examination is a standardized multiple-choice test that assesses the academic competencies of a foreign-trained environmental public health professional.


The BoC assesses the credentials of foreign-trained candidates to determine if their education and experience qualifies them to sit the equivalency exam. The eligibility criteria for candidates applying for the equivalency exam is as follows:


  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in the discipline of environmental public health
  • Educational experience that prepared you to practice as an EHO/PHI in your respective country
  • Certification as an EHO/PHI from an association or organization that is a member of the International Federation of Environmental Health
  • A minimum of six months experience as a certified EHO/PHI, aligning with CIPHI’s Discipline-Specific Competencies
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English or French

See the BOC Guideline for International Candidate Equivalency Exam for additional details.

BoC equivalency exam dates and fees


The BOC is now accepting international candidate applications for the equivalency exam


Application Deadline: 2023, date to be determined

Examination Date: 2023, date to be determined




Application fee

$125.00 + tax

Payment form Annex H

Examination fee

$850.00 + tax

BOC Price Chart Annex K