Professional development hours (PDHs)

PDHs are an important part of the CPC program, and all regular CIPHI members must log their PDHs in the Member Service Centre. It is their responsibility to review CIPHI’s professional development requirements each year.


PDHs must be entered by January 31 of the year subsequent to when they were accrued.

Members are encouraged to enter their PDHs throughout the year, rather than wait until the last minute to add them all at once.


The following resources are designed to assist with entering PDHs:

Professional Development (PD) Model

The PD Model quantifies the areas in which EPHPs should direct their professional development in order to maintain and improve their professional competency. It outlines the annual PDHs required of regular CIPHI members, the PDH activity categories, and category limits.

PDH Entry Tool

This tool assists with the PDH entry process by providing a summary of activity categories and respective category caps, as well as outlining the amount of detail expected in entries so that an auditor can approve them.

Declaring a Reduction in PDH

Certain members are eligible for a reduction in PDHs. Eligible members are those on an extended leave. Extended leave is any leave which can be supported by professional documentation. This would include, but not be limited to parental, disability, and medical leaves.

The process for declaring a reduction in PDHs is now strictly electronic, as explained in the guideline below.

Organizational PDH approval

CoPE no longer issues CPC codes and assigns PDHs to activities submitted by organizations.

A list of environmental public health organizations has been created. Educational opportunities hosted by any of these organizations may be submitted to [TBD] for posting on CIPHI social media pages. This will be the primary means of notifying members of upcoming educational opportunities eligible for PDHs.

Members are required to calculate the appropriate number of PDHs for their activity, using the resources provided.

This list is not exhaustive. Members can still claim PDHs for activities they attend that are hosted by organizations outside the pre-approved list. They are to follow the resources provided to ensure that their activity falls under one of the activity categories and that they enter sufficient detail for an auditor to approve their entry.

Educational opportunities list

Organizations can apply to be included in the list of approved educational opportunities. The applications will be reviewed and the list updated at minimum twice per year. If your organization wishes to apply, please complete and submit the form below: